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Adapting to changing retail demands has its benefits (Red Pixel)

Stuart Hill of design agency Red Pixel, a Primedia Lifestyle Group company that falls within Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division, says that businesses have to adapt to survive

Primedia Lifestyle Group secures its first shopping centre outside of SA (Primedia Lifestyle Group)

Primedia Unlimited’s shopping centre marketing specialists Primedia Lifestyle Group has been appointed the agency of choice for Namibia’s Maerua Mall. This is the first centre

GIBS Mall Research
GIBS (the Gordon Institute of Business Science) and Primedia Unlimited ’s Mall Division have joined forces to conduct a shopping mall survey to ascertain shopper behaviour and how advertising impacts them. The research, with financial backing by Primedia Unlimited, takes into account, investigates and uncovers amongst others, the major mall draw cards, where the money goes, what drives people to shop and how advertising actually influences them.

Primedia Unlimited App
The Primedia Unlimited App is the ultimate media app for anyone in, or interested in, the media and advertising industry. It provides an exciting collection of South African media creatives, insight by industry experts and Unlimited company rate cards. The app also has a quirky game – Ass Shoot – for a few good laughs. Be warned it

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