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A world first for Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services
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Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services has ensured that over 800 new organ donors registered during its campaign for The Exchange, a world-first pop-up store based on the concept ‘give life, get fashion’, located inside the Cape Town-based Cavendish Square shopping centre earlier this year.

Conceptualised by digital agency NATIVE and hosted by Primedia Unlimited subsidiary Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services, the concept behind The Exchange pop-up store, a cashless fashion boutique, was to ensure that new organ donors registered with the Organ Donor Foundation.

The store was stocked with clothing and fashion accessories, all sponsored by more than 30 of South Africa’s top designers including Catherine Moore, Cigar, Sitting Pretty and Bow Peep.

“Nothing could be purchased with cash or credit cards, and consumers could only receive fashion items when they registered as an organ donor,” explains Primedia Lifestyle Marketing Services’ Cavendish Square Marketing Manager, Tanja Gerber.

The concept was publicised via print and online media and a successful social media campaign ran on the Organ Donor Foundation’s Facebook page.

“The innovative concept generated awareness around the importance of organ donation, and got more people to register,” says Gerber.

When donors registered at The Exchange they could choose any item of clothing or accessory in the shop. The shop started with around 1000 items, and closed its doors when the stock ran out.

“Organ donors have the potential to save up to seven lives. So, if all 1000 garments were exchanged for organ donation then up to 7000 lives could be saved,” Gerber concludes.

For more information about the Organ Donor Foundation, visit www.odf.org.za.

For more information on NATIVE, visit www.native.co.za

For more about the Primedia Lifestyle Group, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primedialifestyle.co.za

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