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Adcock Ingram uses X/procure® to increase OTC awareness

To promote its ISDIN range and Panado Plus over the counter products, Adcock Ingram has turned to Primedia Unlimited subsidiary X/procure® to increase awareness of its two new offerings to pharmacists.

Dominating the majority of the pharmaceutical market, X/procure®’s unique procurement software allows it to communicate directly with the pharmacist right at the point of ordering. The benefits of the system also allow manufacturers access to certain advertising platforms that make a particular brand stand out even more.

For Panado Plus and ISDIN, the three month campaign on X/procure®’s ordering platform is being dominated by Announcement screens as well as Browser Adverts, Banner Adverts and HTML messaging. In addition, and in order to provide the campaign with added gravitas, Adcock Ingram has secured four separate Intervention adverts.

“The Intervention advert is one of our most popular advertising platforms,” says X/procure®’s Managing Director JD Henderson. “These allow a product to ‘intervene’ at the point of ordering when a pharmacist happens to be ordering a competitive product with the same active ingredient. It effectively allows one pharmaceutical manufacturer to interrupt another and gives their product a competitive, fighting chance.”