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Adoption Voice and XP Digital™ speak out against teen pregnancy
XP Digital

During 2014, over 21 000 South African teens fell pregnant. To educate young girls, communities and families about the prevention of teen pregnancies, Primedia Unlimited’s XP Digital™ is running a pro-bono three month campaign for Adoption Voice, the communication arm of the National Adoption Coalition. 

“The idea of this awareness and education campaign is to communicate to young women, parents of teens and community members in a way that is factual but sympathetic and understanding,” says XP Digital™’s MD JD Henderson.

“Many young girls that fall pregnant are stigmatised and shunned by their families and communities, who blame them rather than the challenging social conditions that these girls find themselves in. This can lead to devastating consequences such as late abortion and child abandonment.” 

“Our gesture to Adoption Voice is a complementary advertising campaign broadcast on our high definition 42” and 65” screens within Clicks and Dis-Chem stores nationwide. The four different TV ads are each 20 seconds long and carry four different messages which will be rotated on our screens until the end of September.” 

The campaign is being supplemented by print, Mxit and billboard advertising.

“We believe that the female customer base of Clicks and Dis-Chem stores will be very receptive to Adoption Voice’s message and translate its crucial message to their own daughters, nieces and communities. We hope that this gesture helps in some small way.”