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Air France signs with Primall Media
Primall Media

 Primedia Unlimited’s mall advertising specialist Primall Media, has signed Air France as a first time client. 

The airline has enlisted Primall’s services to encourage mall goers at Gauteng’s premier Sandton City shopping centre, to consider Air France as a carrier and France as a destination.

“We know that a significant number of shoppers that frequent Sandton City are regular travellers abroad, whether for business or pleasure, and will therefore be receptive to this campaign,” says Lee Curtis, Executive Head: Sales & Marketing at Primall Media. “Coupled with this is the presence of travel agents located within the shopping centre that are available to immediately assist with more information about the advertiser.”

“The synergies between Air France’s direct target market, the environment and the message being communicated were obvious and the creative is bold and eye catching.”

The campaign runs for a period of three months and is targeted at both men and women who fall within the upper LSM brackets.

“We executed a static campaign within Sandton City utilising various platforms that allowed the advertiser to own a specific node within the mall where the striking red and pink colours of the visuals really stand out,” he says.

For more on Air France visit www.airfrance.co.za

For more information about Primall Media, visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primall.co.za.

Primall Media

Primall Media is South Africa’s premier mall advertising company, delivering a range of interactive and static visual media options in quintessential retail spaces, which directly influence purchase decisions in the shopping environment. The national footprint of super regional malls allows for a touch point to virtually all of SA’s LSM 8-10 market in an environment where shopping and entertainment prevail. Visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.primall.co.za for more.