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Bonnet socks used to hot up Mango’s 7th birthday

Mango Airlines chose brandyourcar.com’s bonnet socks to effectively spread the word about its seventh birthday.

The low-cost airline conceived a great competition to celebrate its birthday, giving away R7 000. R1 000 for seven months to seven lucky winners. The colourful bonnet socks helped give the competition wings, thereby significantly increasing the brand’s visibility and driving onlookers to Mango Airline’s website.

A new Primedia Unlimited brandyourcar.com client, Mango’s marketing team had seen and liked previous bonnet sock campaigns run by other brands and decided the out-of-home (OOH) advertising medium offered a unique opportunity to communicate its seventh birthday celebrations to existing and potential customers.

“We ensured that the drivers of the cars chosen to sport bonnet socks matched the profile of the Mango flyer – these are generally people in the LSM 7 – 10 bracket who are frequent travellers, businessmen and family-oriented. The selected drivers work and live in areas near airports and in well-populated CBD and suburban areas,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom.

Ostrom believes that bonnet socks are excellent for short-term campaigns, allowing for a large number of cars to be used and quickly getting the customer’s message out there. The Mango birthday campaign runs in October and November in Johannesburg, Durban and areas in the Western Cape.

“Drivers were also chosen for their social media profiles and were encouraged to post photographs and comments of their branded car on their own sites and to geo-locate these images on brandyourcar.com and e.tv Facebook pages,” adds Ostrom.

“This high-reach, high-impact campaign allows for instant communication, and the mobility of the medium ensures an unparalleled OOH advertising solution.”

Shireen Warner, one of the campaign’s drivers and brand ambassadors says “When I attended the Spar Cancer breakfast with over 500 men and women, the car generated a lot of interest. People wanted to know more about the competition, where they could fly to and how long tickets would be valid for etc.”

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