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Brandyourcar.com and cars.co.za, the perfect advertising synergy

What better way for cars.co.za to generate awareness of its online portal than by synergising its business with Primedia Unlimited’s transit media specialist, Brandyourcar.com.

The campaign, conceptualised to generate out-of-home exposure for cars.co.za in Cape Town, saw Brandyourcar.com executing a 360-degree transit and social media campaign to educate consumers that cars.co.za is ‘the simple way to buy and sell cars’.

“The branded cars formed a duel purpose,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom. “Firstly to communicate with consumers that cars.co.za should be a primary point of sourcing cars, and secondly, the branding speaks to dealerships to consider using cars.co.za to sell cars from their floors.

Part of the success of this campaign hung on the fact that drivers were chosen who specifically use routes in the areas of, and on the roads of, major second hand car dealerships.”

Drivers selected from the extensive database were also specifically trained about the online portal, serving as authentic brand ambassadors during the campaign which runs for two months.


“We also linked the creative look and feel of cars.co.za’s other out-of-home advertising sites around the country, by utilising red vehicles which travel on specific routes in Cape Town to target techno savvy consumers,” he adds.

The male and female drivers are also active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and were ‘cherry picked’ to suit cars.co.za’s campaign objectives.

One such driver, ‘R Kumandan’ says:I think the campaign is great because it attracts a lot of people. I’ve had a lot of interest from other motorists and I’ve also posted about the campaign on Facebook and have the picture of my branded car on my Whats App and BBM profiles.”

“Brandyourcar.com is a really good fit with cars.co.za. Our branded vehicles act as moving billboards and reach the target market in areas where other advertising mediums can’t,” says Ostrom.

“Added to this, our branded vehicles ensure the synergy needed in cars.co.za’s overall advertising campaign, bringing its TV, radio, online and other out-of-home elements together,” he adds.

For further information visit www.brandyourcar.com

brandyourcar.com DNA

The first of its kind in the country, this transit media platform headed by media group Unlimited, connects consumers with leading brands by matching a brand’s attributes with key individuals who personify the brand thereby becoming ideal brand ambassadors. Advertisers are matched precisely with their target markets using Brandyourcar.com’s extensive database of driver profiles. Advertisers pay consumers simply for carrying advertising on their vehicles in key geographic regions, enabling them to earn additional monthly income. Find brandyourcar.com on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @BrandyourcarSA or visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.brandyourcar.com for more.