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Brandyourcar.com drives e.tv’s new look with sock branding

Local free to air broadcaster e.tv has called on Primedia Unlimited’s Brandyourcar.com to assist with the rolling out its new corporate identity using the mobile platform’s newly launched bonnet and mirror socks for its branding drive to LSM 5 – 10 consumers in township and CBD locations.

As an existing Brandyourcar.com client, e.tv is familiar with the results that targeted mobile advertising, combined with efficiently briefed brand ambassadors can provide for an advertiser.

Brandyourcar.com Executive Head of Sales Jeff Ostrom says; “For the latest e.tv campaign, we utilised a slightly different method of branding the vehicles through the introduction of bonnet and mirror Socks. As the name suggests, this allows for just bonnet and mirror branding which is much more economical than branding the entire car while still making a substantial visual impact.

“Another great aspect of the Bonnet and Mirror sock advertising is that the application is able to fit small, medium and large vehicles, and is relatively quick to produce which means they’re ideal for short term/tactical campaigns,” explains Ostrom.

Their use combined with comprehensive briefing of the brand ambassadors who are carrying the communication, means e.tv has achieved strong visual, verbal and written exposure, given that the drivers use their vehicles; engage one on one with the target audience and use their social media networks to spread the message.

The campaign launched simultaneously with a campaign on social networks with messages on Facebook, Twitter etc and people also changed their profiles photos on BBM, Facebook etc, all of which created talkability. 

Ostrom says overall; “The learning from the campaign is that very few other OOH mediums could get the execution here as synergistically as we did!”. 

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