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Brandyourcar.com gets e.tv viewers ready to Step Up or Step Out

e.tv’s season three of reality dance programme, Step Up or Step Out, has selected Unlimited’s Brandyourcar.com as an ideal media platform to generate awareness around the show which airs every Sunday on e.tv at 18.05.

“Brandyourcar.com was selected for this advertising campaign as a result of our previous successful ‘bonnet sock campaign’ that we ran for the station to promote a reality series targeted at emerging markets,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom.

The Step Up or Step Out Brandyourcar.com campaign targets LSM 6 – 10 youth, students, young corporates and reality show enthusiasts for six weeks in July and August, utilising the Unlimited media owner’s eye-catching bonnet socks to engage viewers.

“Brandyourcar.com has selected ‘township drivers’ and black diamonds in student and social environments to ensure significant reach for the campaign. Our drivers are also adding a social media element to the mix, by posting photographs of their cars on various social media platforms, offering consumers an unparalleled experience in the out of home media space,” says Ostrom.

One of the drivers had this to say, “Everyone that sees my car stares for a moment and some even ask what it’s all about. The bonnet sock really attracts people, wherever I travel. People definitely love the show. They were interested in the advertising campaign and asked questions when they saw the branding on my car – especially the lower LSM market.”

“The branding on my car sparked massive interest and people are always asking me about the TV programme, Step Up or Step Out,” said another driver.

“As can be seen from the above, our bonnet socks are an excellent media platform for a short-term advertising campaign like this as it enables us to deploy a large number of vehicles to ensure high impact,” Ostrom concludes.

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