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Brandyourcar.com hits the right note for SAfm

After a previous successful campaign for national radio station SAfm, Primedia Unlimited’s mobile advertising platform Brandyourcar.com has again been one of its advertising partners of choice during the first quarter of 2014.

“One of the most popular places for listening to the radio is in the car, especially during peak hours,” says Brandyourcar.com MD Pieter Groenewald. “It’s the place to hear the latest news, get up to date traffic advisories and depending on personal likes, to either listen to a talk show or music.

Being able to communicate to this ‘captive’ audience while these consumers are in the correct mindset is as the adage goes – priceless!”

Media agency, The MediaShop, connected all the media dots for SAfm when it was confirmed that Brandyourcar.com would be a main driver for its latest campaign to promote their various shows, times and DJs.

This year, SAfm branded vehicles will be noticed in and around Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Drivers, or brand ambassadors, are required to be employed full time and to drive high mileages to ensure maximum exposure on the roads. Creative advertising prompted the target market to switch to SAfm and to listen to the DJs, particularly Ashraf Garda, Masechaba Mtolo and Rowena Baird.

“It’s an absolute pleasure doing business with Brandyourcar.com,” says SAfm’s Marketing Manager Liesl Hefkie. “It’s a uniquely refreshing media type that effortlessly brings brands to life.”

Driver Eva Wilson says: “I find a lot of people staring at the car when I’m at a robot and I am stopped by people to ask if I know Ashraf or if I work for SAFM. As a result of the branding I’ve become passionate about SAFM and now have it on constantly in my car.”

For further information visit www.brandyourcar.com