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Brandyourcar.com powers Bioplus

Adcock Ingram’s Bioplus product is utilising Primedia Unlimited’s mobile advertising platform Brandyourcar.com for the first time to increase awareness and sales of the energy tonic’s new range of products. 

“Our advertising platform is unique in a few ways,” says Brandyourcar.com MD Pieter Groenewald. “We don’t believe in just branding cars and sending drivers on their way. We believe in immersing our drivers, or brand ambassadors as we prefer to call them, fully into the product they’re endorsing.”

“To facilitate this process, we host detailed briefing sessions where enlisted drivers, who themselves fit the advertiser’s target market, are provided with a full overview of the brand. We also stress that they play an important role in assisting the advertiser with 360 degree communication.

We find this practice very useful because our drivers are often questioned by friends, family and passerby traffic about their branded cars and what they’re advertising. In addition, our brand ambassadors are encouraged to promote the advertiser on their personal social networks which makes it even more important for them to be familiar with it.”

The Bioplus campaign is entitled ‘Power On’ and is promoting Bioplus’s new range of products targeted at students and young professionals.  “Drivers have been specifically selected to fall within Bioplus’s target market who traverses campuses and social hot spots like sporting and musical events and shopping centres where the propensity to engage with the target market is greater,” says Pieter.

The campaign will run until June next year.

“Based on the feedback already received we’re confident that Adcock Ingram will be pleased with Bioplus’s engagement results. We look forward to assessing the highlights at the end of the campaign.”

Driver Marco Pennesi says, “I am loving the campaign so far. The branding has been done so well and my car is really noticeable on the road all the time. I have been stopped by loads of people asking if I work for Bioplus; what the campaign is all about or if I have some samples of the products to try. The social media side of the campaign is also very exciting.”

For further information visit www.brandyourcar.com