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Brandyourcar.com takes activations a step further

In its latest advertising campaign, Primedia Unlimited’s Brandyourcar.com takes the activation mechanic one step further by creating brand ambassadors and mini ‘on-the-fly’ activations for detox drink Jiguga. 

“As more and more people become health conscious and brands attempt to communicate to this target market, getting the message across quickly and efficiently becomes more and more important.” says Brandyourcar.com MD Pieter Groenewald. “To this end we created a six month campaign for Jiguga incorporating vehicle branding where the drivers become the brand ambassadors and instigate impromptu mini activations.”

Drivers were selected from the substantial Brandyourcar.com database with particular focus on young, health conscious, active individuals who are employed full time.

To learn about the unique attributes of the product, drivers attended a briefing session where they were furnished with product information, information on competitor products and the brand’s unique selling proposition.  They were also issued with samples to encourage trial over the festive period and were required to engage with the target market.

As brand ambassadors, they were asked to note where the product was stocked in order to back up distribution.  A unique aspect of this campaign was that as it progressed, drivers became an informal distribution channel and were able to sell product as an additional source of income.

Driver Kelly McKNight says that the branding on her car has attracted a lot of interest. “People are all very interested in the brand. I’ve had loads of people ask me for samples. I’ve even had people shout out from traffic lights on the odd occasion! It’s great representing this brand which has a young, funky, cool vibe to it which I enjoy and the green dragon branding itself is quite fun.”

“It is all about creating impact for a brand! It is not simply a case of vehicles becoming mobile billboards, it’s the interaction between the newly created brand ambassadors with people in the same circles that creates this massive impact,” says Pieter.

For further information visit www.brandyourcar.com