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Brandyourcar.com urges students to #Askwhy to simplify banking

Capitec Bank selected Brandyourcar.com, Primedia Unlimited’s transit media specialist, to deliver an important message to students – #Askwhy to simplify banking.

“Brandyourcar.com has the ultimate advantage of being able to effectively reach the student target market at universities, the place where students spend most of their time,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom.

“Students are looking for new and innovative forms of communication and they need to be engaged if they are to take notice of advertising messages. This is where our branded vehicles, driven by brand ambassadors trained by us, cut through the clutter and the bridge the communication gap with this target audience,” he adds.

The three-month advertising campaign runs from July to October at the universities of Cape Town, Free State, Wits, Tuks and Maties, and is geared to reach students via vehicle branding that urges them to open a Capitec account. “Universities provide the ideal environment to reach young adults who will soon be entering the world of work and will need a bank account,” says Ostrom.

Brandyourcar.com’s selected drivers, males and females between the ages of 20 and 25, each opened their own Capitec account to ensure that they experience the brand first hand and become true brand ambassadors. They also have to go ‘cashless’ for a week, using only their Capitec card to pay for expenses so that they can appreciate its true value.

Francois Viviers, Brand Manager for Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Capitec says: “At Capitec we wanted to motivate people to start questioning the norm by ‘asking why’ because questions can change the world, or at least the way we bank.  These student ambassadors, all with Capitec Bank accounts, are great examples of the young pioneers that #AskWhy and play an important role in pulling the campaign from the above-the-line media through social media and into their actual social circles on campus.”

The drivers are sharing their experiences via social media, ensuring even further reach for Capitec Bank. Driver Lauren van der Merwe says: “I am an extremely busy person, always on the move, so no matter where I go; the gym, campus or grocery shopping, I have been asked about my car branding and what the campaign is about. I also like the fact that Capitec is targeting students as well, who will be future clients.”

“So far I have really enjoyed being part of the Capitec campaign. Being a marketing student, it is a very interesting and efficient campaign. The branding on my car really stands out,” says another driver, Hannah Neil.

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