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Brother Printers acquires sector exclusivity with Golf Unlimited

Independent research conducted on behalf of Golf Unlimited shows that 80% of its audience is actively involved in the running of a business. Realising this Brother Printers has selected the Primedia Unlimited company as the ideal advertising medium in which to reach business owners, chief executive officers and managing directors.

Golf Unlimited’s Pieter Groenewald says; “Brother Printers has extended its offering to corporate and aims to make this target audience aware of its growing brand and the fact that it specialises in commercial office printing solutions. Golf Unlimited therefore provided the ideal media platforms for the company to reach its intended audience.”

The national, six-month Brother Printers advertising campaign, running from November until April 2013, targets premium LSM 9+ consumers, and is flighting on two holes across Golf Unlimited’s National GPS screen footprint.

“This provides Brother Printers with sector exclusivity for the duration of the campaign, enabling the company to increase its share of voice with brand exclusivity in an environment where it can dominate the sector in terms of messaging,” says Groenewald.

Golf Unlimited’s research also indicates that its advertising mediums make an invaluable contribution to the Inform and Persuade steps in the consumers ‘Path to Persuasion’, and that they are highly effective in giving consumers information about products and brands and completing the circle by persuading the audience to use them. Now that’s the ideal way to reach prospective consumers, from tee to green!