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Budget Insurance uses its customers to advertise the brand

Brandyourcar.com, the transit media platform that brands consumer’s own cars, has gone one step further for client Budget Insurance. 

“Our extensive database that includes drivers of all lifestyles and life stages and who drive all types of vehicles, has the ability to target consumers according to any metric or demographic at client’s request,” says Brandyourcar.com’s MD Pieter Groenewald. “For client Budget Insurance, we asked for actual clients of Budget to step forward and have their cars branded for this campaign.”

Budget Insurance has utilised the Brandyourcar.com’s advertising platform before and has been on cars from the company’s early days, with positive results, leading the advertiser to sign a further deal to keep budget Insurance top of mind.

“The main objective for this campaign, which began in January and runs well into the year, is to maintain brand presence for Budget Insurance, and increase sign ups. This is achieved through our driver’s high frequency day to day travelling within their own suburbs and on the highways. Drivers act as true brand ambassadors for the advertiser, as they’re already existing clients and educate friends, family and acquaintances about Budget Insurance, in a credible manner by sharing their own experiences.”

Social media is an additional driver for the campaign. Drivers use the Brandyourcar.com Facebook and Twitter platforms in conjunction with their own social media networks to further spread the campaign message and ensure the Budget Insurance brand remains top of mind, but in a personal manner.

Bernise Games, Brand Manager at Budget Insurance adds: “Our previous campaign with Brandyourcar.com provided us great confidence to reinvest with this platform. The medium works because it’s so precisely targeted. We’re looking forward to the outcome of this campaign.”

“To ensure the best results possible for our advertisers, we called on drivers to meet certain criteria which included being employed full time and that they were on the roads for a certain minimum period of time each day,” says Pieter. “Cars are the obvious media tie in for insurance brands, but the ability to leverage off a brand ambassador who is also a client is very exciting.”

Driver Maz Moore adds: “The car definitely stands out. I often observe drivers reading the information on my car when I’m stopped at a traffic light for instance. It’s unmissable.”

For more info on Brandyourcar.com, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYrmfixTGnM or

For further information visit www.brandyourcar.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter @BrandyourcarSA.