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Budget takes on a new platform
TLC Unlimited

Insurance provider Budget Insurance is flighting its ’easy ways to save’ campaign utilising TLC Unlimited’s washroom advertising platforms within LSM B and C malls and cinemas. 

The six month campaign, created by Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, is targeting both men and women and offers suggestions on how consumers can save more money in a trying economy.

“Combined with the recent fuel increases, Etoll fees and interest rate levels, I think this is a particularly pertinent time for advertisers to provide consumers with money saving tips in an easy to digest format which is what the campaign achieves,” says Brett Tucker, Group MD of the Primedia Unlimited subsidiary TLC Unlimited.

Carl Louw, Executive Head of Marketing for Budget Insurance adds: “The new campaign positions Budget Insurance as a responsible and dependable brand, that adds value to consumer’s lives.  We have no doubt that this campaign will continue to grow the brand which, since its launch over a decade ago, has captured the attention of thousands of budget conscious South Africans.”