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Business Day and Financial Mail ‘subscribe’ to Golf Unlimited

Times Media’s Business Day and Financial Mail publications have both selected Golf Unlimited’s national GPS golf cart footprint to generate awareness around the publications and encourage its upper LSM target audience to subscribe.

 Financial Mail used the payoff line, ‘subscribe to the Financial Mail and get the Little Black Book free’, and generated awareness that the Little Black Book is filled with information about ‘today’s top black business minds’.

Business Day used the Primedia Unlimited media platform to encourage its target audience to ‘save up to 30% on a Business Day subscription’, which includes the newspaper, e-paper, website and apps, and to generate awareness that it has launched Business Day Live.

“Golf Unlimited’s GPS media platforms speak directly to the Business Day and Financial Mail target audiences, influential business people holding positions of power, with little wastage,” says Golf Unlimited’s Jamie Girgan.

“Added to this, our Golf Cart Digital Screens go hand-in-hand with Business Day Live as it is a web-based digital product,” he adds.