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Chevrolet Captiva targets top end golfers

General Motors has committed further advertising spend to Golf Unlimited’s targeted advertising platform to promote the Chevrolet Captiva 7-seater to the lucrative 14+ LSM market. Using the Unlimited platform, the advertiser will be dominating four and five star golf courses around the country for a period of two months.

The campaign will target men who are the decision makers in the household when it comes to deciding which vehicle to buy, either for themselves or their partners.

When the Captiva was launched in South Africa in 2011, General Motors used Golf Unlimited’s advertising platform in conjunction with its outdoor and television campaign. This year the motor company is utilising Golf Unlimited as a standalone medium to remind the target market about the vehicle.

James Ferrans, Head of Sales at Golf Unlimited says, “The GPS system on the golf carts enables brands to choose either an individual hole or a number of specific holes to tie in with its campaign. For this particular communication, the seventh hole was chosen by the client to create a correlation to the 7-seater Captiva.”

During the campaign Chevrolet enjoys category exclusivity at 32 premier golf courses around the country including Arabella, Peacanwood and Fancourt.

Installed at eye-level on golf carts, Golf Unlimited’s GPS units display information such as the distance to the green and any obstacles golfers may have in their path. Underneath the pertinent information, the Unlimited subsidiary offers exclusive and uninterrupted advertising exposure, equating to 14 minutes of shrink back branding per hole, from the tee to the green.

“General Motors knows the importance of an unobtrusive advertising platform to get its key message across to these affluent consumers, during their leisure time when there are no other advertising mediums competing for their attention,” concludes James, “and following the successful campaign late last year we’re delighted that GM has decided to join us for a second round.”