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Clarins chooses mall advertising in Sandton City
Primall Media

To promote its Extra Firming Skin Care product amongst women who shop within Sandton City and are conscious of caring for their skin, Clarins has signed a four month promotional campaign with Primall Media, Unlimited’s shopping mall advertising experts.

Primall Media Executive Head, Sales and Marketing Lee Curtis says; “The product is targeted at women of all ethnicities over the age of 40 and advertised in Sandton City specifically because a large portion of the Clarins target market frequents this mall.

“The creative cuts through the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre, ensuring the product’s message is top of mind when the consumer walks into a cosmetic store.

“The bold imagery and clear message of the campaign is has also been strategically placed on multiple inventories including escalators, interior billboards and hanging banners in the immediate vicinity of where the product can be purchased,” adds Curtis. 004