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Clinique “Pops” with Fashion Media
Fashion Media

To launch its new lip colour range entitled “Pop”, Clinique utilised Fashion Media’s Activation Pad areas inside premier Edgars stores nationwide. 

“Activation Pads are dedicated areas within the store which provide a brand dominant space to animate and promote their product,” says Primedia Unlimited’s Fashion Media CEO Sean Reed. “Activation Pads are successful because they captivate shoppers’ attention whilst in-store and are especially effective when supplemented with striking window displays.”

The Clinique ‘Pop’ campaign was excellently launched on activation pads in top Edgar’s stores in Canal Walk, East Rand Mall and Sandton City. The campaign comprised bright oranges and pinks which was in-line with ‘Pop’ colours, over-sized lipstick cut-outs, a counter displaying the full lip colour range, a light box illuminating the lipstick visuals, a crater chair and ottomans.

Sean says, “By utilising our Activation Pads, shoppers were drawn into the retailer where Clinique was able to influence the consumer’s choice at the point of purchase. These in-store experiences were also accentuated with knowledgeable sales associates to assist customers with product queries on the spot.”

Sean concludes by stating, “In a competitive marketplace, brands need to influence customer choices at every touch point, and by utilising advertising mediums such as our Activation Pads, brands are able to achieve just that!”