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Digital screens are just what the doctor ordered for captive pharmacy audience
XP Digital

XP Digital™ Managing Director JD Henderson says combining great content and strategically placed LCD screens in Dis-Chem and Clicks dispensaries is paying dividends for advertisers utilising this highly-effective pharmacy advertising platform to reach a broad target market of captive consumers…

Customers queuing inside pharmacies might be patiently waiting in line and therefore qualify as a captive audience but that’s no guarantee a client’s advertising message will be absorbed and acted upon. How then should a company take advantage of this advertising platform to drive home its message within an environment where products can be purchased?

One of the biggest plus points of the XP Digital™ media platform is that on average consumers queue for 14 minutes. We’ve therefore designed our platform to take advantage of this dwell time and offer brands an opportunity to advertise on a 14 minute media loop that matches the average dwell time to ensure customers are exposed to a brand’s messaging at least once during the queuing cycle. The platform offers entertaining and educational content to put the queuing consumer in a relaxed state of mind and then expose them to the brand message. The formula is 50% content and 50% advertising space ensuring a clutter free advertising environment.

Another critical element to the success of this platform is the positioning of the screens. This is because it’s critical that the screens are big enough for easy viewing and visibility and that they’re positioned in such a way that they reach consumers while waiting in the queue and not when they’re moving through the store and easily distracted.

Given that there is no sound, clients need to utilise the platform in various entertaining ways creating absorbing content, which is remembered long after the consumer has left the store. It is also a great platform for increasing brand loyalty and awareness from Back to School necessities to financial services to in-pharmacy products, anything the consumer will need or need to know inside and out of store.

Stills used in a campaign can also be very effective as long as the information portrayed is clear and not littered with too much wordage distracting from the overall message being conveyed. The key outtake here is to keep it clean and simple.

The XP Digital™ platform also warrants visual elements as advertisers can say so much more through a picture as it enables them to have a better connection with the consumer. Remember, consumers do not necessarily connect with the manufacturer but they will create a personal link with packaging and product names, so show off your product visually so as to attract the attention of the consumer.

The digital screen platform is also highly effective for clients seeking to educate the consumer through various sponsorship offerings of various segment, from tips, to quizzes and did you knows that can be tied in with a product and offering.

A range of effective campaigns can be promoted through XP Digital™ and clients are not restricted or limited in how it conveys its message across to the consumer. It all depends on the message the client would like the consumer to take home with them. What is crucial in the advertising campaign ensures a style of content, copy, length and tone that fits in with the message being conveyed and the target market within the pharmacy you are aiming the message at.