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Engen and Brandyourcar.com utilise consumers as a medium

Mention the words ‘petrol price’ and consumers have varied reactions from slight irritation to outright anger. Therefore when Engen wanted to communicate the benefits of its Primax product, the company selected Primedia Unlimited’s Brandyourcar.com platform to engage one-on-one with its target market to personally encourage users to switch their petrol preferences.

Primax is a new fuel available at Engen which promises to increase fuel efficiency and allows drivers to get more kilometres for their bucks. The campaign also promotes the idea that Primax turns any vehicle into ‘an efficient, intelligent sports car’ referring to a car’s increased performance when using the product.

Brandyourcar.com’s Executive Head of Sales Jeff Ostrom says; “Besides the obvious synergy of Engen using the Brandyourcar.com platform, the look and feel of the branded cars have been crafted to match the ‘racing car’ feel of the TV ad, so that consumers tie the entire campaign together when they see our cars on the road.

“The beauty of our platform is its ability for our drivers to communicate one on one with their own family and friends and provide open and honest recommendations about the brands that are being advertised on their vehicles,” says Jeff.

“Our brand ambassadors or ‘brand adores’ are briefed on the product or service we’re advertising – in this case, Engen Primax – they are given the facts and then we ask them to spread the word among their own circles, through personal interaction and their own social media platforms.”

Social media was a critical factor in this campaign because drivers gave their permission to be involved in an Engen Facebook and Twitter campaign which provides a very real measurement factor for post campaign analysis.

“The new fuel is all about enhancing your car’s economy and performance and the amount of positive feedback thus far has been astounding!” says Jeff.

Drivers have been matched precisely with the advertiser’s target audience. Drivers who cracked the nod had to be full time employed men and women in the LSM 6-10 bracket who are high mileage drivers with silver hatchbacks to fit in with the same look and feel of the TV ad.

Apart from the monthly financial reward for consumers carrying branding on their personal cars, Engen is rewarding drivers with monthly spot prizes. Merchandise and vouchers were also provided to drivers pre campaign at a product briefing.

Brandyourcar.com can be found on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @BrandyourcarSA

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The first of its kind in the country, this new media platform headed by media group Unlimited, connects consumer’s lifestyles with leading brands by branding consumer’s vehicles. Advertisers pay consumers simply for carrying advertising on their vehicles, enabling them to earn up to R2000 per month.