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Ensuring top of mind recall for non spontaneous big ticket items
Mall Active

Breaking through the cacophony of advertising clutter is no easy feat, and when the product is not a spontaneous purchase the task is made all the more difficult.

Primedia Unlimited’s retail activation specialist Mall Active actively demonstrates that this need not be the case – proof of which is the four consecutive years it has communicated the benefits of Whirlpool appliances to consumers in the form of custom display stands within shopping malls. The displays are positioned in centre courts to ensure maximum visibility to the bulk of the mall’s shoppers.

Mall Active GM Travis Brown says; “Consumers don’t wake up in the morning and decide that today is a good day to buy a fridge or washing machine! These types of purchases are planned, normally a couple of weeks ahead of time. Our activations give consumers the opportunity to engage with the physical product, which allows the brand to remain top of mind when the opportunity arises for consumers to make the purchase decision.”

This year’s display features updated branding imagery but the display structure remains the same due to the longevity of the display mechanic that Mall Active previously developed. The displays are to be erected at the five of the top malls in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Building on the interest that the campaign has achieved in the past, the displays will be on show for two weeks consecutively in the malls.

To expose the various products to upper LSM consumers who are interested in purchasing new or upgrading appliances, the displays are manned by brand ambassadors who have been fully trained on all aspects of each product in the range.