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Estee Lauder makes a Clear Difference with Fashion Media
Fashion Media

To promote its anti-blemish serum, Clear Difference, Estee Lauder has called on Primedia Unlimited’s in-store advertising business Fashion Media to spread the word to upmarket women.

Window displays which clearly illustrated the product’s features and benefits were prominent in Edgars and Red Square stores throughout national premium malls. To create a full 360° experience for consumers, the in-store advertising was further bolstered at entrances with the use of beeper sleeves (security sensors). In the Red Square stores gondola ends were additionally used.

“The two week national campaign had a very clear objective, and that was to announce the availability of the new product in store and to drive sales,” says Sean Reed, Fashion Media’s CEO. “Through the use of window displays, backed by beeper sleeves, customers are already reminded of the campaign as they enter the store. The communication is then driven home even more when they’re in-store.

We look forward to seeing final results.”