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Eucerin targets women in hair salons
TLC Unlimited

Primedia Unlimited’s Salon Media business provides targeted advertising within hair salons around the country. Skin care brand Eucerin has tasked the media owner to increase awareness of its products within salons around the country. 

The campaign, which runs from July to September targets black women in the LSM 8-10 category. “69% of black women visit hair salons,” says Mary-Anne Lakin, General Manager of Salon Media. “It’s the perfect environment to reach women considering the amount of time the average hair appointment takes.”

“Hair salons offer advertisers captive audiences and with targeted media platforms like mirror decals that can contain call to action SMS competitions, advertiser’s such as Eucerin skin care products get the full awareness benefit.”

Eucerin’s ‘Even and Brighter Skin’ campaign will be promoted in hair salons located in up to 50 different urban areas using mirror decals and leaflets that contain details of the consumer competition. The campaign is supplemented with traditional above the line elements: print and TV sponsorship.