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Expanded innovative TLC inventory is an Absolut winner
TLC Unlimited

These days attracting consumer attention to any communication platform requires innovative methods. Fortunately, Unlimited company TLC has achieved this breakthrough for client Absolut Vodka thanks to its latest Lightbox offering, which displays brand communication in often dimly lit Nightlife venues in a bright, eye catching manner.

TLC’s indoor Lightboxes are situated en route to washrooms so that these platforms enjoy exposure in a broader area. First to market with the new media type, TLC aims to roll out these slick and impactful media opportunities throughout the major metropoles.

Absolut Vodka (partnering with the international DJ – Swedish House Mafia) is the first advertiser to make use of the Lightboxes as they offer the right fit for the campaign and the venues are relevant to the brand. Briefed with reaching the vodka drinker, two indoor Lightboxes at each venue have been used to display the Absolut Greyhound creative.

TLC Joint MD Brett Tucker says, “Light attracts attention. Placing these Lightboxes in nightlife venues will add frequency to advertising campaigns when used in conjunction with existing TLC platforms like the frames and door wraps within washrooms.”

Currently this platform is only offered in Cape Town and Johannesburg areas but will be rolled out to additional venues in the near future. The Lightboxes in Cape Town measure 3m x 1,5m and the Rosebank venue is 1.5m x 0,84m.

Brett adds, “These are the ideal dimensions for interior billboards; big enough to be noticed, but small enough to be unobtrusive. As with all of our TLC advertising platforms, creativity is unlimited and I am sure that there will be a creative agency that will utilise all these platforms in a single cohesive manner, bringing brands alive across multiple displays.”