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Fashion Media and Red Square improve shop fronts
Fashion Media

The Fourways and Eastgate branches of Red Square, Edgars’ cosmetic and fragrance outlets, have recently undergone an upgrade to their front shops, improving the look of the store.  

During construction, Fashion Media, the company that has advertising rights to in store platforms within Edgars, Edgars Active and Red Square stores, took the opportunity to brand a temporary hoarding for fragrance brand Thierry Mugler.

Shop fronts set the customer’s first impression of the store and can significantly increase the chances of attracting consumers into the store. Even under construction, shop fronts must appeal to the passer-by.

“The brand’s Angel fragrance took prominence on the hoarding while the new shop front space was being finalised,” says Fashion Media’s CEO Sean Reed. “It was a great opportunity to showcase an advertiser with big impact, while at the same time not detracting from the store while it was being revamped.”