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Fashion Media does double window take for Gucci Guilty Black
Fashion Media

Primedia Unlimited’s Fashion Media launched an advertising campaign for new product Gucci Guilty Black and generated awareness of the Gucci Guilty fragrance in one of the first ever double window branding campaigns held in Red Square stores.

February and March saw entire Red Square stores across the country branded by Gucci, creating an enormous impact and brand awareness around both existing and new Gucci Guilty products.

“Gucci targeted young men and women across Edgars and Red Square stores by not only double branding the windows, but by ensuring further reach with Fashion Media’s Beeper Sleeves and Gondola Ends,” says Fashion Media’s CEO Sean Reed.

“Red and green LED lights in the store windows created a halo effect around the male and female models, further enticing consumers into the stores to interact with and purchase the Gucci brand,” he adds.