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Fashion Media launches US cosmetics brand into SA
Fashion Media

Originally hailing from San Francisco in the States, Benefits Cosmetics has launched into South African stores. To announce the brand’s arrival in Edgars and Red Square outlets across the country, Primedia Unlimited’s Fashion Media business marketed the brand to prospective customers utilising strategic in-store platforms.     

“As consumers we shop with our senses,” says Fashion Media’s CEO Sean Reed. “So from a marketing perspective we needed to utilise the sense of sight, sound and smell to make an impression with our advertiser’s prospective buyers. Using strong visual images for Benefits Cosmetics, we created an in store environment that reflects the brand’s playful, quirky and charming nature.”

The full Fashion Media advertising platform was expertly branded to create attractive window displays, sensomatic sleeves, activation pads and hotspots that highlighted the sense of smell and sight.  Premium posters, escalators, hanging banners, and lift branding were used in Edgars stores while display windows, sensomatics, A1 posters and podium platforms were utilised in Red Square stores to create the desired interest in this new brand.

“The displays incorporated a fun take on a 50’s pin up girl campaign with modern pastel colours and playful cartoons which perfectly brought the brand’s playful and fun loving personality to life,” he says.

Benefit Cosmetics promises fast and fabulous beauty solutions and illustrates that make-up doesn’t have to be serious to look good. It believes that laughter is the best cosmetic.  

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