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Fashion Media secures additional rights within Edgars
Fashion Media

Primedia Unlimited company Fashion Media has been awarded additional advertising rights within the Edgars environment. These consist of interior billboards in the Sandton, Clearwater and Gateway stores, in addition to exterior windows in the Claremont and Melrose Arch branches.

“We’re thrilled with the additional platforms that have been made available to us, as are our advertisers,” says Fashion Media CEO Sean Reed. “We are also currently exploring other advertising opportunities within Edgars and hope to make further announcements soon.”

In the past month alone, Revlon, La Mer and Yardley have advertised on these platforms, to great effect, creating awareness around their brands.

“We believe that these additional platforms are a fantastic way for advertisers wishing to engage with Edgars customers, to make a stand out appearance on a larger format canvas,” he says.