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Fashion Media unveils latest advertising platform: Hotspots
Fashion Media

Taking advantage of Fashion Media’s hottest new communication platform – Hotspots – Sunglass Hut took to promoting its diverse range of sunglasses for the summer season.  

Hotspots are new advertising mediums offered to clients within Edgars, allowing high visibility and exposure to campaigns. Only one Hotspot is allowed per store and is ideally positioned at store entrances within or close to cosmetics areas to reach targeted audiences.

“The Hotspot was designed and introduced to specifically target female shoppers in Edgars stores,” says Fashion Media’s CEO Sean Reed. “It was quite apt that Sunglass Hut advertised sunglasses in the Hotspot area, with their ‘94 Shades of Summer’ campaign.”

The campaign was implemented nationally at 18 Edgars stores, communicating the benefit and convenience offered to Edgars customers who purchase on account.