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Fashion Media utilises gold mirror vinyl for Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Manifesto’
Fashion Media

Yves Saint Laurent’s Fashion Media advertising campaign to launch new fragrance Manifesto into the South African market and to drive sales of the new product, made use of unique gold mirror vinyl for its campaign.

“The gold mirror vinyl on the windows not only created a great effect, but it made an impact by drawing even greater consumer attention to the display,” says Fashion Media’s MD Sean Reed. “The gold mirror vinyl is essentially a reflective foil which gives a high gloss effect to any window installation. Despite the slightly more expensive production cost, it remains in high demand.”

Described as spontaneous, free spirited and courageous, Manifesto is a scent full of passion and emotion. It launched into the South African market in February, tying its Fashion Media campaign into the month of love. “The aim was to generate as much exposure for Manifesto as possible, close to the point of purchase, hence Fashion Media’s Red Square Window Displays, Beepers and Gondola Ends were selected to drive the message home to consumers. The second leg of the campaign captured consumer attention from strategically placed Edgars’ window displays,” says Sean.

“Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that inspires me deeply,” says the face of the perfume, actress Jessica Chastain. “Since its creation, the brand has conveyed strong values that I cherish, such as unwavering commitment, absolute love and feminine audacity. The new fragrance is an emblem of it all.”