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Fitting Exposure showcases Sta Sof Fro in changerooms
Fitting Exposure, TLC Unlimited

 To create awareness of the new packaging for brand Sta Sof Fro from Amka Products, Fitting Exposure, a division of TLC and a subsidiary of Primedia Unlimited was selected to form part of a national ‘Just Be’ advertising campaign utilising their unique change room and clothing store advertising platform. 

“The ‘Just be’ campaign has stimulated an emotional communication message through the use of large visible change room branding that speaks directly to the target market,” says Fitting Exposure’s Mary-Anne Lakin.

The campaign addresses black women aged between 18 to 35 years, within the LSM 5 to 9 bracket. These are afro centric women, who are proud to be South African and buy South African products for their specific hair type.

“It is very difficult to ignore the creative placed on the mirrors within the change room environment as the first instinct anyone has when trying on new clothes is to check their appearance,” says Mary-Anne. “Advertising in the change rooms of clothing stores like Ackermans within malls that stock Sta Sof Fro products creates a great top of mind awareness.”

The Senior Brand Manager at Amka Products adds: “Our consumers are buying Sta Sof Fro products at major retail outlets like Checkers, PEP and Clicks which further drives home awareness amongst our target market. We believed that the advertising platform within clothing stores and change rooms, delivered by Fitting Exposure, would complement our other promotional activities perfectly.”