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Flexi Lady gets a leg up on BIC’s competitors
Primall Media

A sleek row of sexy-legged ladies on an escalator is bound to make anyone look twice.

This clever creative is being used in a Primall Media campaign to introduce BIC’s Flexi Lady razors to the South African market.

The Primedia Unlimited in-mall advertising specialist was chosen by BIC to create awareness around the launch of its Flexi Lady product. The campaign started in seven malls across the country at the beginning of March and runs until the end of May, targeting women in the LSM 7-10 bracket. Branding is close to several points of purchase and boasts fresh colours and attractive messaging.

“Sexy is the buzzword when it comes to the Flexi Lady,” says Primall Media’s Lee Curtis, “and the campaign underlines this. The use of clever images on the sides of escalators to give the illusion that all the women on the escalator have sexy legs was innovative and eye-catching. The creative agency did very well to utilise the mechanics of mall branding in the out-of-home space, underpinning just how impactful this medium can be if effectively used.”

Digital Ad Screens (M-APP units) and Skyscrapers also form part of the Primall campaign. The former are LCD HD units that stand at eye level and offer animation capabilities to allow advertisers to deliver engaging, eye-catching messages in prime traffic zones within malls. Skyscrapers consist of 47-inch HD screens stacked on top of one another, seamlessly displaying advertiser content.

“Both these mediums play on the movement of the Flexi Lady brand and increase general awareness of the product,” says Curtis, adding that Skyscrapers enable retailers to ensure that their products get noticed in high traffic zones and that foot traffic is steered to the nearby purchase points.

“We are confident that our platforms will create the desired hype needed for Flexi Lady to enjoy a smooth entry into the South African market,” he adds.