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Garmin finds its way to the mall
Primall Media

Household brand name Garmin is advertising its state of the art GPS products in the shopping centre space. To set the brand on the right path, Primall Media, a Primedia Unlimited company, has been chosen to expertly complete the campaign. 

“The advertising, which runs from November until the end of January, is promoting the fact that Garmin is not just about car navigation but is an essential sports, marine and outdoor activity accompaniment as well,” says Primall Media’s Lee Curtis.

The advertiser has selected strategic mall advertising platforms such as escalator and hanging banners inside six premium shopping centres. “Apart from being a highly recognisable brand, the creative in itself is striking, cleverly using bold words such as Run, Cycle, Hike, Golf, Fish etc to effectively get across that Garmin is a lifestyle brand, offering products that are suitable and relevant to various activities,” says Lee.

The target market is active consumers who have a brand affinity with Garmin, and with consumers who are looking for GPS enabled products to accompany their lifestyle.

“By utilising bold in-mall advertising, the advertiser has made it unmistakeable which brand is being advertised and what its purpose is – that’s great advertising,” says Lee. “In addition, the campaign is highly visible from several points in the mall and amongst millions of consumers who visit our malls on a monthly basis.”