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Golf Cart screens used to sell golf carts

From mid November to mid December, Golf Unlimited, Primedia Unlimited’s subsidiary which specialises in engaging with the elite golfing market through GPS screens on golf carts, has been tasked with selling and promoting Ezgo golf carts.

GU Sales Executive Jamie Girgan says; “The carts will be imported by Cayenne Sport which saw an opportunity to import high quality carts and sought our platform’s assistance to advertise these units.

“The match between target market, disposable income and the environment the products are being advertised in, is a perfect match. A significant number of high earning golfers are in the market for their own golf carts because many live in expensive golfing estates and find that their own dedicated carts are a welcome transport addition to their ‘always on the go’ lifestyle,” he adds.

Advertising on Golf Unlimited’s dedicated GPS screens takes place on two holes on each golf course in Gauteng where the Golf Unlimited screens are deployed, mostly 5 star golf courses, from mid November to mid December.

“It’s the first time we’ve advertised the sale of golf carts on our golf cart platform and to date, the response has been extremely positive. We’re confident the campaign will be a success,” says Girgan.

This is based on the fact that a recent research study revealed that an incredible 50% of the players who came off the course could recall the GU ads that they had been exposed to once, without being prompted. When prompted, this figure rose to 77% which proves the efficacy of this form of advertising.