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Golf Unlimited leaves a ‘bitter’ taste in the mouths of Angostura competitors

With the majority of Angostura Bitters’ sales made in the golfing environment where players often enjoy a Rock Shandy or Steelworks in the pub after their game, it’s not surprising that the company wanted to promote its brand in the place where its target audience spends a lot of time.

Primedia Unlimited subsidiary Golf Unlimited was therefore the natural media owner for Angostura Bitters to select, to spread the word that its brand is just a few steps away from elite golfers when they’ve sunk their last ball, are hot and tired and looking for something refreshing to quench their thirst.

Angostura Bitters’ advertising creative is being flighted on the 9th and 18th holes across Golf Unlimited’s national golf course footprint on a continued month to month basis.

“This is the third year in a row that Angostura Bitters has extended their involvement with Golf Unlimited, proving that the 9th and 18th holes on our premium four and five star golf courses are the ideal environments to reach its target audience,” says Golf Unlimited’s Pieter Groenewald.

“We look forward to our continued partnership with the company,” he adds.