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Golf Unlimited provides ‘Deep Relief’ for golfers

During the months of March through May, Unlimited subsidiary Golf Unlimited has been targeting golfers on national courses for its client Deep Relief.

32 golf courses were selected, where the multimedia GPS units in the golf carts display hole information including distance remaining to the flag. Relevant advertising messages are placed directly below this information, creating opportunities for the target market to see the communication at every hole.

“Taking Deep Relief to the golfing community adheres to the agency brief by keeping the overall targeting demographic sporty,” says James Ferrans of Golf Unlimited. ”Deep Relief can be quickly applied to relieve minor ailments before, during or after a round of golf or any other sporting event.”

Ferrans says that relevant research indicates that a large percentage of golfers are involved and actively partake in multiple sporting disciplines. “We’re effectively targeting multiple sporting demographics on a single platform,” he says.

“Deep Relief have made tactical use of multiple Unlimited ambient media platforms, which includes Golf Unlimited and brandyourcar.com to target the exact demographic in unique ways,” says Ken Varejes, CEO. “This ensures high brand visibility at limited Cost per Thousand (CPP).”