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Golf Unlimited scores 77% advertising recall

Recent research proves and demonstrates the efficacy of Primedia Unlimited’s Golf Unlimited advertising platform to deliver brands and products to a high-end consumer.

In a recent study involving face-to-face interviews at two premier golf courses in Gauteng, 77% of the interviewees were able to recall prompted advertising that appeared on the golf cart GPS screens, while 50% were able to spontaneously recall specific advertising.

“The clean and uncluttered environment, linked to the long dwell time of 14 minutes that we provide for advertisers allows for exceptionally high recall rates and spontaneous brand awareness,” says MD Pieter Groenewald.

The research found that the average golfer on these 5 star golf courses is close to 40 years old, earns a gross annual income of over R 750 000 and flies on business at least once a month. He reads financial publications and is a senior manager who decides and authorises major business expenditures. In fact, 64% authorise or influence major business expenses within the company or division.

Groenewald adds; “These research results clearly prove that the Golf Unlimited advertising platform makes an invaluable contribution to the Inform and Persuade steps in the consumers ‘Path to Persuasion’. It’s also highly-effective in giving consumers information about products and brands and completes the circle by persuading the audience to use them.”

Golf Unlimited is a unique and innovative way for companies to communicate their message on GPS screens fitted to +/-1 400 golf carts on 34 of South Africa’s premier five star golf courses. Advertisers receive exposure from tee to green, reaching top LSM golfers who spend an average of 4.5 hours per round on the course.