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Good Hope FM revs up brand loyalty with brandyourcar.com

The amount of time South Africans spend in their cars may not be a good thing for traffic congestion, but it offers unlimited potential to advertisers.

Good Hope FM (GHFM) – Cape Town’s regional, commercial music station – discovered just how much mileage can be had from branded cars three years ago, and has run an annual brand awareness campaign with Primedia Unlimited’s Brandyourcar.com ever since.

brandyourcar.com allows clients to literally drive their advertising messages home.

GHFM’s ‘Brand Adorers’ campaign 2013 has seen the addition of a social networking element. Supplementing the big idea brought to life three years ago, of a fleet of GHFM brand adorers driving vividly branded cars, is the introduction of a social media competition for drivers.

Brand adorers are typically aged between 21 and 29, are socially active and hip, frequenting nightclubs, trendy coffee shops, restaurants and other popular meeting places. Their active lifestyle ensures good suburban and CBD exposure for the radio station.

To ensure a full 360 degree experience, drivers are invited to congregate at the SABC building to meet Good Hope FM DJ’s, learn more about the station and be briefed on its unique selling points which the drivers can share at their various points of convergence.

GHFM brands their cars and then invites these drivers to share their experiences via Facebook and Twitter. A Facebook page set up by Brandyourcar.com allows drivers to upload photographs and comments, and offers fun prizes for those drivers who are most active on the site. Participating drivers are also invited to all GHFM events, increasing hype around the campaign and ensuring extra branding for GHFM at these events, through the presence of the cars.

Meegan Kieffer, GHFM’s marketing manager says, “Three years ago, Good Hope FM decided to explore mobile billboards as static options had become wallpaper and did not encourage action from potential listeners.  We discovered brandyourcar.com and we have never looked back.  The vehicle branding has allowed Good Hope FM to expose the brand to a larger audience in the environment of our listeners which we would not have been able to do through static mediums.  The drivers have also become brand ambassadors for the station, as they were chosen based on the station’s target market.  We look forward to a long relationship with brandyourcar.com and many future successes.”

Brand adorer and driver Michelle Voerman says that advertising through brandyourcar.com creates a great opportunity for brands to communicate with their target markets. “The branding is fun, young, and striking. A lot of people have approached me and asked if I work at the radio station! I consider myself a true brand ambassador, I’m telling people about the station and listening to it every day.”

“The initiative started in September and runs for seven months, allowing sufficient time for the campaign to unfold. Momentum will be maintained through the social media aspect introduced this year, and the presence of the drivers at GHFM events. Brandyourcar.com allows GHFM to take its brand loyalty campaign on the road in a fun and visual way,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom.

For further information visit www.brandyourcar.com

Brandyourcar.com DNA

The first of its kind in the country, this transit media platform headed by media group Unlimited, connects consumers with leading brands by matching a brand’s attributes with key individuals who personify the brand thereby becoming ideal brand ambassadors. Advertisers are matched precisely with their target markets using Brandyourcar.com’s extensive database of driver profiles. Advertisers pay consumers simply for carrying advertising on their vehicles in key geographic regions, enabling them to earn additional monthly income. Find brandyourcar.com on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @BrandyourcarSA or visit www.primedia-unlimited.co.za or www.brandyourcar.com for more.