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Good Hope FM

For most people who own cars, listening to the radio is synonymous with driving. Realising this, Cape based radio station Good Hope FM has utilised the synergistic opportunity that the brandyourcar.com media platform presents to engage with its listeners while they are on the road.

Last year, the radio station ran a six month campaign with Brandyourcar.com with pleasing results, which led to Good Hope FM renewing the campaign for a further six months. It’ll now run from August to January 2013.

The current campaign features branding on black hatch back vehicles given that black is a key element of the creative for the campaign. This also aligns the station with funky youth orientated consumers and cements its association with a 25 to 35 year old, LSM 8-10 male and female target market, who travel in and around Cape Town on a daily basis. It aims to keep the Good Hope FM brand top of mind during peak traffic hours and over weekends.

“The success of Brandyourcar.com is built on perfectly matching cars, drivers and advertisers to achieve a common goal,” says Brandyourcar.com’s Jeff Ostrom. “Our advertisers provide us with specific criteria of which profile of driver should represent their brand, down to age, lifestyle, driving patterns, psychographics and demographics. Thanks to our sizeable database we are then able to fulfil their requirements.”

Good Hope FM’s colourful creative operates as a 24 hours a day, seven days a week mobile advertising platform which reminds Cape Town residents to tune into the station which similarly is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

brandyourcar.com DNA
The first of its kind in the country, this new media platform headed by media group Unlimited, connects consumer’s lifestyles with leading brands by branding consumer’s vehicles. Advertisers pay consumers simply for carrying advertising on their vehicles, enabling them to earn up to R2000 per month.