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Incredible Connection employs Fashion Media for clean, clear and creative in-store advertising solutions
Fashion Media

To communicate a strong brand experience to customers and increase their product knowledge, Incredible Connection has employed Primedia Unlimited’s Fashion Media, a leading South African retail advertising company, to implement innovative and striking in-store solutions.

Sean Reed, CEO at Fashion Media, says, “We will be offering brands in Incredible Connection stores impactful advertising solutions including window displays, sensomatics, hotspots and premium posters, which are to be installed in the main retail front-of-house area to drive awareness of products. By doing so, we will be turning store fronts into places to drive traffic and build the brand at the same time.”

Sean Reed continues when stating, “It is very important for us to create an exciting and memorable experience for customers when they visit incredible Connection stores, and we believe that using windows, sensomatics, hotspots and premium posters as advertising mediums is the best way in which to educate customers on the products and services available to them in-store. The mediums will also be particularly effective when launching new products and promoting in-store specials.” says Sean.

Acting CEO of Incredible Connection, Stefan Marnewick says, “We are very enthusiastic about the relationship with Fashion Media and the various integrated platforms they offer. We believe they will provide effective, impactful information and visuals on product, services and promotions in-store.”


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