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It’s a good night with TLC
TLC Unlimited

Long standing client Aspen has once again entrusted a portion of its communication budget to Primedia Unlimited’s indoor advertising business TLC which offers advertisers a range of advertising options in niched and gender specific environments. 

“The two Aspen brands in this case compliment one another’s communication strategies within our mall washroom and sports bar environments,” says Brett Tucker, Group MD of TLC Unlimited. “Cruciale supports healthy liver function whilst Guronsan C has energy enhancing ingredients that assists the body to overcome fatigue.”

The campaign is targeted at men and women in higher earning income brackets who are young and socially active. The creative also carried a competition element that called for consumers to SMS a dedicated number in order to win one of 25 cash cards to the value of R1 000 each.

“The two month campaign engaged with over 8 million people per month in the mall environment, with an additional 500 000 in our Sports Bar venues,” says Brett. “Any advertiser would be hard pressed to find engagement numbers that high on any other media platform at a similar cost per thousand (CPM).”