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It’s not only human viruses that can be cured with XP Digital™
XP Digital

To drive sales of its anti-virus software, Kaspersky Labs has innovatively turned to Primedia Unlimited subsidiary XP Digital™’s on screen, high definition advertising platforms within Clicks and Dis-Chem stores.

So, when is a virus not a virus? For this campaign, the advertiser cleverly played on the concept of a digital virus being destroyed, in an environment where biological viruses are aided.

“Advertisers and marketers always think of 42” digital screens situated within pharmacies when they think of XP Digital™,” says JD Henderson, Managing Director of XP Digital™. “But with this campaign the concept was the actual advertising mechanism and message used to drive Kaspersky’s anti-virus software sales within Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies.”

“The advertising objectives were to alert consumers to the availability of the product and ultimately drive sales. The target market included anyone using a personal computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet, moms with kids who use these devices, university students, anyone working from home and business professionals.

The captivated audience, coupled with the high dwell time of the consumers in front of the XP Digital™ platform, allowed for a very targeted campaign to an appropriate demographic that our client required.”

By using this novel concept of combating virtual viruses in places where biological viruses can be targeted, allows consumers to immediately visit the stores within the malls that offer the software, and purchase it there and then.

By purchasing Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015, Kaspersky Internet Security multi-device 2015 or Kaspersky PURE3.0 online at www.kaspersky.co.za or in store, consumers can win a Ferrari Experience with a trip for two to the Monaco Formula One in 2015 to support Scuderia Ferrari.

The campaign, which began in September, will continue through the holiday season until March next year.

For more information about XP Digital™, visit www.xprocure.com.