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Keeping up with trends and consumers on the golf course

Primedia Unlimited company Golf Unlimited ensures that all clients, including first time advertiser Scoin Shop, are kept up to date with the latest trends and how best to act on them.

“Media owners are not only obligated to understand their own advertising medium intimately, but we have to keep up to date with relevant trends to keep our finger on the pulse, particularly when it comes to changing consumer behaviours and the people that interact with our medium,” says Golf Unlimited’s Pieter Groenewald.

One such trend is that of golfers keeping their cell phones on while playing golf. In the past golfers switched phones off while playing a round. These days, due to ever increasing demands, phones are now just being switched to silent.

This insight led the team to run a ‘call to action’ campaign on four and five star golf courses, specifically targeted at the elite, high earning golfer.

The Scoin shop, a division of the South African Gold Coin Exchange wanted to attract the attention of these affluent golfers, to make them aware of the benefits of investing in gold as a solid investment option.

Adverts were flighted on golf cart mounted GPS screens at premier golf courses across the country. Two holes were utilised, one to create awareness and other explaining the competition requirements and mechanics. Golfers where required to birdie a hole in order to qualify for entry and SMS their name and golf course.

“Not only do ‘call-to-action’ campaigns garner immediate and measureable results, but advertisers are able to build dependable databases on consumers that are directly interested in the advertised brand or product as demonstrated by this campaign,” says Pieter.