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KLM shows off extra leg room with Primall Media
Primall Media

Innovative imaging will enhance communication on any media platform, but some are a little more ‘receptive’ to clever messaging than others, as KLM recently demonstrated on Primedia Unlimited’s Primall Media platforms.

“Two clear key messages had to be imparted to the upper LSM demographic that were in KLM’s line of sights for this campaign,” says Primall Media’s Executive Head: Sales & Marketing Lee Curtis. “The objective was to firstly market the airline as a carrier of choice, and secondly to illustrate KLM’s extra leg room in economy class. The campaign also boasted KLM’s extensive global flight routes.”

“Through a static campaign executed within Sandton City, lift doors were branded to depict fingers spreading wider as the doors open to emphasise KLM’s extra leg room, while escalators illustrated KLM going to great lengths to take potential consumers to multiple destinations,” says Lee.

The advertising definitely created impact and acted as a talking point amongst consumers as they waited for, and while they were in the lifts. “To be considered, you need to be in a relevant place, at the right time to drive behaviour,” concludes Curtis. “What better way than by creating memorable interactions with the brand in a fun and visual way?”

For more information on KLM visit: www.klm.co.za

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