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Litha Pharmaceuticals signs with XP Digital™
XP Digital

Primedia Unlimited subsidiary, XP Digital™, has signed an advertising contract with Litha Pharmaceuticals to promote its Conceive Plus product on the media owner’s 42” HD digital screens, installed at dispensaries within Dis-Chem stores nationwide.

“The client wanted to primarily create awareness in the market about the product which provides couples who are trying to fall pregnant, with a natural option to increase fertility,” says JD Henderson, Managing Director of XP Digital™. “This is the first time that Conceive Plus is advertising on our digital screens and we’re confident that they’ll receive positive results, no pun intended.”

The advert will be flighted more than 98 000 times over each month of the advertising campaign, across XP Digital™’s screens, installed in 74 Dis-Chem stores across the country. “Considering that this is a new product being advertised to the public, a high frequency campaign is required. The ad is flighted every 14 minutes, or a minimum of 42 times per day per store, providing the increased frequency at an affordable cost,” says Henderson.

The campaign, which flighted for three months and was extended for a further three based on positive results, is targeted at women between the ages of 25 and 44 who fall within the LSM 6-10 range.

“The added benefits of advertising on our HD screens situated at the dispensary counters is that the communication is easily digested by customers whilst they wait in the queue, who have little else to do but look at our screens,” says Henderson. “This means that they have ample opportunity to speak to their pharmacist about the product when they get to the front of the queue, or alternatively, to pick the product up from the shelves on the way to the till points.”

For more information about XP Digital™, visit www.xpdigital.co.za