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Golf Unlimited delivers 50% unprompted recall for Nedbank

Nedbank Corporate is currently running its “Nedbank Corporate keeps you on the right side of risk” campaign on the 4 and 5 star golf courses where the Golf Unlimited GPS screens are deployed

Golf Unlimited MD Pieter Groenewald says; “This points to the fact that Nedbank believes that our multimedia GPS units are a highly-effective advertising medium that targets the key consumers it wishes to communicate with, resulting in very little wastage on media spend when you want to talk to this small but key audience of high flyers.

“An additional advantage is that Nedbank has been able to deliver subtle yet memorable brand messages when consumers are in a leisure environment. It’s also an uncluttered environment where they are not distracted by other ads and is highly conducive to talkability, given that ads on the platform are consumed by four golfers at a time for over 14 minutes.”

The user-friendly GPS units are installed at eye-level on golf carts and display critical player information such as the distance to the green or obstacles golfers may face. They offer exclusive advertising exposure, consisting of shrink back branding per hole, from the tee to the green.

The quality of the interaction with the GU audience is given further credence by research undertaken earlier this year which revealed that an incredible 50% of the players who came off the course could recall the ads that they had been exposed to once, without being prompted. When prompted, this figure rose to 77% which proves the efficacy of this form of advertising.

Interestingly, when golfers were asked what they would like to see on the GU screens, they said they view it as a medium that informs and persuades. “From this we can extrapolate that our media type is not really about a call to action but is key in terms of information and persuasion for these very influential golfers,” says Groenewald.