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M-Net ‘drives’ for a cause with Golf Unlimited

M-Net Cares is reaching out to Unlimited subsidiary Golf Unlimited’s upper echelon target audience at mostly 5-star golf courses across the country to generate awareness of M-Net’s Naledi project until the 15th November 2012.

The Golf Unlimited media platform consists of digital screens located on golf carts and in direct view of an upper LSM market within a highly sought after, premium environment.

“Our platform ensures about 14 minutes of dwell time for M-Net with a condensed, high-end demographic audience that can make a difference for the M-Net Naledi project,” says Golf Unlimited’s Jamie Girgan.

The M-Net Naledi project is a literacy initiative focusing on primary school children in grade three, and represents one of the company’s flagship education projects.

In many underprivileged communities, low levels of literacy prevent young people from reaching their full potential at school. Often, such challenges are detected only later on in a child’s school career, by which time low literacy has already had a negative impact on school performance in all subjects. Instilling a love of reading at an early age can put young children on the right track to perform well at school.

Naledi focuses on the development of phonic skills, teaching children to listen to the sounds of words, and associating these with letters that can then be formed into written words. The project is conducted in four languages (English, Sotho, Zulu and Xhosa) and in five provinces (Gauteng, KZN, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and the Free State).

“The awareness campaign run on Golf Unlimited’s media platform targets influential people creates awareness around the cause and calls potential donors to action,” says Jamie.

“Recent research revealed that 89% of our target audience either influences decisions or are major decision makers within their business. This is the exact market that M-Net Care needs to talk to,” he adds.