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Mall Active drives Citroën sales across South Africa

The launch of Citroën’s first all-wheel drive SUV, the C4 Aircross, went hand-in-hand with a consumer engaging shopping mall activation organised by Unlimited’s shopping mall activation specialist, Mall Active, targeting consumers who were in the market for an entry level SUV, with all-wheel drive capability.

Mall Active was able to provide the relaxed environments needed for Citroën to expose its new C4 Aircross to as many potential consumers as possible.

Mall Active GM Travis Brown says; “Not only were consumers able to physically see the SUV, they were able to sit inside and get a real feel for the new vehicle. We wanted to engage the senses to ensure consumer absorption and retention of the desire to own one of these vehicles.”

The activation took place in 15 shopping malls across South Africa, with the main objective of creating possible sales leads for local dealers. 

“While stand elements were purposely kept to a minimum so that the vehicles remained the centre of attention, our fully trained promoters each carried an iPad with them so that they could further engage consumers and provide them with detailed information about the vehicle’s features and specs,” says Brown.

Mall Active specialises in the development of innovative, results-driven brand activations, giving advertisers the opportunity to positively influence their consumers right at the point of purchase.

“Lead generation forms, completed onsite with potential consumers, were sent to Citroën head office and the local dealerships to follow up on. We were able to generate an impressive number of leads for our client,” he adds.

Specification banners were placed alongside the vehicles to further draw attention to the activation, and to capture the attention of consumers who were perhaps in a hurry and were unable to spend time at the display.